Why Choose IHI?

    1. Product Availability

    Access 50 Million+ parts with IHI electronics Global supply chain of qualified and screened vendors.

    2. 100% Guaranteed Quality.

    All Material supplied comes with a Fit, form and Function Guarantee for 45 days!

    3. Value - Competitive pricing.

    We aim provide our customers with the parts they need at prices that maintain competitiveness with your peers.

    4. Market Expertise.

    Over 24 years of experience in selling to OEM's and CEM's.

    5. Instant Credit.

    We offer instant credit to qualified OEM and CEM customers in the USA. (Click for Credit Application)

    6. Scheduled Orders.

    IHI Electronics can schedule orders to deliver your parts as you need them , just in time every time.

    7. Great Service.

    Our dedicated staff know the customer comes first and we are only here to serve you.

    8. Obsolescence sourcing.

    EOL, Obsolete and legacy component sourcing is a challenge facing many customers, we can help with those hard to find items.

    9. Commodity Procurement.

    We have direct relationships to all of the largest markets in the world for commodity Items like CPU's & Memory.

    10. Component Screening.

    We offer a variety of different screening and component testing services to determine authenticity and / or up-screening of commercial to industrial parameters.